Center for Family, School, and Community Partnerships

Center for Family, School, Community Partnerships
The EVSC Center for Family, School, and Community Partnerships (FSCP), located at 123 Main Street, houses multiple offices  that provide wrap-around services so that students can concentrate on academics and not worry about other competing interests. The School-Community Council is housed within the FSCP and represents a group of more than 70 community organizations and businesses that help students and their families achieve a healthy and complete educational experience.

Core Focus
The EVSC is committed to the belief that meeting the needs of students and bringing learning to life  takes a whole community. Families, schools, and members of the community must form partnerships to support students so that they can be successful. Together, they must identify and provide key services to students and their families in order to help them overcome any barriers they are facing, which prevent students from being successful. The EVSC family, school, and community partnerships initiative is focused on building a foundation that will support healthy alliances.


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Cathlin Gray
Associate Superintendent