Family, School, and Community Partnerships

The EVSC is committed to the belief that meeting the needs of students takes a whole community. Families, schools, and members of the community must form partnerships to support students so that they can be successful. The EVSC family, school, and community partnerships initiative is focused on building a foundation that will support healthy alliances.

Key Services

The Center for Family, School, and Community Partnerships is located at 123 Main St. and houses programs and services that provide support to families, parents, and children.


After School and Summer Enrichment Program

This grant-funded service in EVSC Title schools connects families with before-school, after-school, and summer school programs.


Early Childhood Education (ECE)

ECE connects families with early childhood education and daycare opportunities.


Extended Daycare Center Program

This program, offered in all elementary schools, provides quality before and after school daycare, snacks, and opportunities for play and homework time.


Family Support Services

Provided programs include…

  • Parent education
  • Family and financial literacy
  • School and community involvement opportunities
  • Volunteer opportunities

Health, Wellness, and Coordinated School Health

The Student Health Services program offers…

  • Immunizations and physicals to uninsured students
  • EVSC-provided health services, including hearing and vision screening for students

The Coordinated School Health Team, a part of Student Health Services, works to identify health problems and connect families to medical resources and preventative programs.


School-Community Council

This group of more than 70 organizations provides wrap-around services to help students and their families achieve a healthy and complete educational experience.


Southwest Indiana College Access Network (SICAN)

SICAN, working in collaboration with community partners including the Evansville Education Roundtable, Public Education Foundation and the EVSC, encourages students to pursue post-secondary education and assists them by providing:

  • Scholarship information
  • FAFSA and college application assistance
  • SAT and ACT testing information
  • Collegiate athlete eligibility rules
  • Career guidance

SICAN helps students and families engage and navigate the complexity of higher education, particularly for first generation college attendees.


Student Support Services

To help families fill the emotional and social needs of their students, Student Services offers:

  • Mentoring
  • Counseling
  • Crisis management
  • Additional services that meet needs ranging from catching a school bus to counseling for discipline issues
  • Connections to agencies that provide food, clothing, school supplies, social services, and prevention programs for substance abuse