Academy for Innovative Studies

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Academy for Innovative Studies - First Ave.

Academy for Innovative Studies - Diamond Campus

Open to students in grades 6-12, the Academy for Innovative Studies (AIS) offers a non-traditional learning environment geared to ensure students reach their maximum potential.  Each student has an individualized learning plan and/or Individualized Service Plan. Students have the possibility of graduating with a Core 40 Diploma. With smaller class sizes each student has the opportunity for more one-on-one attention, career path and job skills training.  On-site counseling is available to all students.

New in 2012-13, Juvenile Court Judge Brett Niemeier has an office at AIS-Diamond and regularly meets with students and families, helping to counsel them regarding behavioral, social/emotional and personal needs.

AIS currently has two campuses to serve student needs:


AIS First Avenue Campus is located at 3013 First Avenue, Evansville, IN.


AIS Diamond Campus is located at 2319 Stringtown Road in Evansville.